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You can check out the A/B comparisons or get your free testmaster anytime to check out the enhancement yourself!

Stereo Mastering

The standard mastering.You provide us with a stereo mixdown of your track.The mastering engineer will then contact you to talk details if needed.Normally you will be provided with a mastered version of your track in less then 48 hours

Stem Mastering

Instead of providing one single file like in stereo mastering you provide us with separately bounced group channels.
Those "stems" get then mixed and mastered individually.Definately the best possible mastering solution but very time intensive.

Mixing Services

We also can make a mixdown of your track.We make sure that it`s can stand against the industries biggest productions.The mixdown will happen in a acoustically measured environment using the best hard and software out there.

Audio quality in a highly competitive market

Audio quality in a highly competitive market

As a professional producer and audio engineer I trained my ears for a decade.With my project Parandroid I visited almost 40 countries now and had the chance to talk and learn to and learn from some of the best engineers in the industry. During that time I learned a simple truth:In a highly competitive industry only what comes out of the speakers really matters.People will judge you by what they hear and not by what a track theoretically could sound like. Do your music the favor and give it the treatment that it deserves and which finally will give you the advantage.Try it out, it`s for free.


A decade of experience at your disposal
Samuel Zimmermann
Samuel Zimmermann

Tailormade online Mastering

If you don`t take your music seriously , noone else will

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